Karla Salinari is a wife, mom, and Holistic Health Coach. Her experience with pregnancy opened her eyes to the importance of nutrition. After gaining 82 pounds while carrying her daughter, Karla explored new avenues to better nourish herself and her family. Having grown up in Miami among Puerto Rican food lovers, Karla began to “flip” recipes.  By replacing the unhealthy aspects with whole foods and higher-quality ingredients, it resulted in healthier body weight and a happier outlook on life. 

Now based in Brooklyn, Karla’s weekly blog, OurFlipSideLife, helps others do the same. She shares her journey and expertise as a Holistic Health Coach to help other busy moms and families mend their unhealthy relationship with food and learn to implement healthier family-friendly alternatives. In addition to weekly blog posts, Karla offers 1 on 1 coaching sessions and hosts workshops throughout NYC, Miami and Puerto Rico. 

One blog post’s viral success led Karla to launch Flipbox, an organic, gluten-free, dye-free and healthier version of a cake-in-a-box. Each kit includes an apron, mini spatula and the dry ingredients to create a cake and frosting. The kit allows parents to focus less on shopping and more on spending quality time with their kid and enjoying healthy foods together.

When Karla is not flipping recipes or coaching clients, she co-leads, B•Well Collective, a female collective dedicated to curating experiences that support and empower women. Karla believes in the importance and power of community. The relationships you choose to have in your life have a direct impact on your health, goals, and overall happiness. Surrounding yourself with people that fill you up and help you thrive is key to reaching our goals.

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